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"Protecting and healing your vision is why I am here. I make sure all of my clients are provided the quality of service they need and deserve."
Your Clear Choice for Better Vision.
Dr. Lauren Wiggins is dedicated to being your premiere Ophthalmology resource.
She is especially dedicated to ensuring Senior Citizen care is a primary focus within her suite of ophthalmology services.

Service Options
  • Cataract Surgery
  • Pterygium Surgery
  • Comprehensive eye exams
  • Glaucoma Care
  • Diabetic Eye Screening
  • Dry Eye Care
  • Glasses, Contact Lens exams
  • Plaquenil Eye Screening
I've worn eye glasses since age 6. After the procedure, I'm proud to say no more glasses. 
Dr. Wiggins, you are amazing!!!

~ James Wright ~
I have recovered my vision after not being able to see further than one foot in front of my face . . . I could not be happier!
~ Alphonso Salazar ~
My experience was amazing! The whole office staff was professional, efficient, and accommodating. She gave me back the gift of my vision! I'm forever indebted.
~ Cyndy Marin ~
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